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  • Three Poi - Fire Poi

  • Three Poi - Fire Poi

Three poi has been increasingly popular, beautiful to watch and SO MUCH FUN (plus super hard). Use this page to configure your custom three poi setup that fits your specific spinning needs. Pick from three different head types, each with their own size options, multiple leash materials, lengths and handle types.

Head Options
Head size and shape determine the flame size (knot's surface area) and burn time (knot's internal volume) as well as the weight distribution. A monkey fist maximizes burn time vs flame size, because it has the larges internal resiviour relative to the surface area. Because it is round, it doesn't have the same tip weighting that something like a nova has though. All Dark Monk heads have a pure aramid fiber core (ex. Kevlar).

Monkey Fist very durable head with a long burn time vs flame size
- Reg Size = medium flames, 4:30 min burn time, ~4.5oz dry weight
- Large Size = large flames, 5:30 min burn times, ~6.5oz dry weight
- HUGE Heads = huge flames, 6:30 min burn times, ~9oz dry weight
Nova End weighted with a good balance of burn time vs flame size.
- 3 inch = medium flames, 4:30-5 min burn time, ~4oz dry weight
- 4 inch = large flames, 5:30 min burn times, ~6oz dry weight
- 5 inch = huge flames, 6:30 min burn times, ~8oz dry weigh.
Pineapple End weighted with longer burn time vs flame size.
- 4 inch = large flames, 6-7 min burn times, ~6oz dry weight

* Burn times are estimated based on recorded burns using pure "white gas" / Coleman's Liquid Camp Fuel. Actual burn times may vary based on individual spinning style, length of fuel soak, and other factors. Every head is hand built with different lots of custom knitted aramid materials. Size and weights do vary a lot. If you have a preference, please put it in the "add notes" field.

Leash Types
There are three leash options: Technora, static kevlar and twist link chain.

Technora is our best feeling, preferred option. With great abrasion and temperature resistance properties (up to 932°F), Technora leashes allow fire poi to feel as comfortable and controlled as practice poi. However, this rope is temperature resistant, not fire proof. If you allow the leashes to rest in flames for an extended period of time (for example: setting burning poi on the ground with the leashes on top of the heads, or a severe mid-burn tangle that takes more than a five - eight seconds to unknot), the leashes may take damage. Technora leashes will be +/- 1/4" of the overall length requested.

Static Kevlar Rope is a solid core, stiff rope made from 100% para-aramid fibers. It is great for gun slingers, tosses, juggling and stalls. Like Technora it is fire resistant NOT fire proof and all of the same precautions should be taken as mentioned above.

Twist link chain is the slightly heavier and stronger leash option which feels not quite as smooth as Technora but has almost no maintenance. This chain catches on itself slightly when it tangles, making moves like Hyperloops easier. Our stainless steel chain surpasses the load requirements and corrosion resistance needed for typical fire use, and is stronger than cheaper nickel-plated alternatives.

If you are doing hyperloops (lock the poi together in front of your body, pull, and they spin really fast and stay locked together), then you need swivels. Otherwise, you probably don't and we don't recommend them if you don't "need" them. The three inch lead option, puts a piece of Technora below the Pom grip, with a swivel on the bottom of that. This allows you to hold the Pom in your hand and still have a fully functioning swivel. Single and double loop handles have the swivel attached to the handle with no lead (it isn't needed for these).

Quick Links
We use and recommend zinc-plated steel quick links, as they stay closed better than the stainless steel alternatives. You do not want quick links opening in the middle of a burn.

Three poi handle options include: PomGrips and UltraKnobs.

Lanternsmith PomGrips are made from a grippy, high-temp rubber. They are weighted and shaped for tosses, and have holes through the middle to connect to leashes or swivels.

UltraKnobs made by UltraPoi, are rechargeable RGB LED silicone handles. This knob can be set to any of the colors of the rainbow, as well as strobe patterns that create intricate light trails while you spin.

  • 3 head types
  • Multiple handle styles
  • Head only option
  • Led and Glow handle options

Overall Length is the entire length of the poi setup, including heads, hardware, leashes, and handles.

Three Poi x $1.00 =

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