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  • Collapsible Staff Ends

  • Collapsible Staff Ends

These are a perfect combination of the Three Worlds Fusion collapsible system and Dark Monk's wicking and gripping expertise. These ends fit a 22" long (including connection bits), 22mm diameter Fusion collapsible staff center. All ends are made from 7075-T6 Al, so are incredibly strong and lightweight. All grip and wicks are created and warranted by Dark Monk. These break down to less than 23 inches in length, so are easy to travel with.

No Fusion Center Piece is included with this. For the entire setup (including center), use these links Collapsible Dragon Staff or Collapsible Contact Staff.

With the standard 22" Three Worlds center section, these dragons will measure ~66 inches overall. The dragons have three different wick configurations and four different wick types (one fire and three LED).

Contact Staff
The contact staff extensions have a 5-6 min burn time and are end weighted to improve contact staff movements. The wooden dowel inside the tube helps prevent heat transfer and 2 layers of wicking wrapped over the ends to keep you from getting burned from the tip. All hardware is recessed and exposed metal below the wick is covered with silicone tape to greatly reduce the chance of being burned. The overall length is computed when using a 22" long Three Worlds center section (not included).

Put any Custom Requests in the add notes field and we will do our best to make that happen for you.

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