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  • LED Dragon Spoke

  • LED Dragon Spoke

Our LED Dragon Spokes can be used with any Dark Monk dragon staff. These spokes are great for practice, performance, or flowing in spaces that don't allow for fire. We offer three different spokes (flowtoys capsule, UltraKnob Pro, and single LED), to help artists with different LED spinning and budget needs.

Ultra LED Dragon Spoke
These LED Dragon Spokes come with either a low cost single use LED or the UltraKnob Pro, a multi-function, USB rechargeable LED made by UltraPoi.

The single use LED option is a low price but good LED solution for the cost conscious artist. It is simple to swap in UltraKnob Pros later to upgrade your setup. These LEDs last about 4-8 hours, and come with are either white or a color changing pattern (there are different options available as well). There are no options to set patterns or change colors with these LEDs (that's why they are so cheap). Purchase replacement LEDs here.

flowtoys LED Dragon Spokes
These LED Dragon Spokes hold a flowtoys v2 Capsule light (which you can also purchase as an add on item in the options below or at a later time). If you do not purchase the flowtoys capsule lights, these holders will not come with any LEDS.
The wicks are 9 inches long and just shy of 4 oz with a capsule in them.

"They are amazing. There is no shaking of my capsules and if I do drop my pixie dragon staff with them they absorb the shock well. I love them can't wait to get the rest of my set and spin for a long time!" - Beta Tester

If you are buying more than 16 spokes, send us an email for bulk pricing.

each x $14.00 =

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