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  • Fire Nunchaku

  • Fire Nunchaku

The Dark Monk fire Nunchaku sport the latest innovations in chuck design. With the option of a 7075 Aluminum (14.7oz) or carbon fiber (10.7oz) handle, you can choose a weight that matches your unique style (7075 for combat, carbon fiber for speed spinning.) The default length of Technora is five inches, however the end caps are removable which allows you to adjust the rope size and even disconnect them for traveling in states where nunchaku are illegal.
Sticks Material
For styles that are all about speed, the new carbon fiber chucks are the cats meow. These are the lightest fire chucks we have seen that still maintain an excellent balance and sturdy construction (10.7oz overall). If your style favors more traditional spinning, the 7075 combat grade chucks will be a much better weight match for you (14.7oz overall.)

Sticks and Grip
The 12" sticks with 7 inches of grip, allow a large, comfortable range of Nunchaku tech and martial movements. The 3/4" diameter fits comfortably in the hand, and is covered with a closed foam rubber grip for comfortable control and soft impact against the body.

Each handle has a 2” wick on the end, providing a 3:30 minute burn time with “white gas” / Coleman’s Liquid Camp Fuel.

Minimizing Exposed Metal
Most severe equipment burns come from searing-hot exposed metal, not from the wicks. To minimize exposed metal, the wicks are attached with recessed rivets (less exposed metal than screws and no need for retightening). If you would like us to cover the exposed metal with silicone tape, just put that in the customization notes and the color you would prefer.

The Cord
The main failure points for Nunchaku are the ball bearings. When dirt gets inside the bearings coupled with jerking motions this can sometimes cause them to break. To overcome this limitation and provide a smoother action, we use Technora. This rope is more comfortable against the hand and provides far better control than chain. In addition, it has excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and is strong enough to lift 5,500 lbs, making it more than strong enough for even your most powerful strikes. The cord is 5" long.

Length Adjustment Here is a video Brad made that shows how to adjust the length or replace the rope on your Dark Monk nunchucks.

  • 3:30 minute "white gas" burn time
  • Carbon Fiber or 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Long-Lasting Grip
  • Adjustable 5" Technora cord

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