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  • Leash Sleeving

  • Leash Sleeving

This 1/4" diameter sleeving is used to cover up the few inches of hardware and/or rope closest to the head on fire poi. It is used to protect your hands from being burned from hot chains when doing moves like spiral wraps, as well as to protect Technora from reaching its degradation temperature.

This sleeving withstands temperatures up to 2200°F for up to 15 minutes. It is light-weight and very flexible. You can pull it over chain, and once it's in place you'll never have to move it, even when fueling. We recommend at least 3" of sleeving as a default length for each poi. Do not pull these over quick links, as it will stretch them out too much, and they can easily tear.

Despite its high temperature resistance, this sleeving does still have a lifespan and will start to degrade over time. It may need to be replaced after approximately 75 burns, though depending on head size and spinning style this number may increase or decrease.

*** Leash Sleeving is sold by the inch ***

inch x $0.55 =

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