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  • Space Rope - Zylon

  • Space Rope - Zylon

Space Rope, trade name Zylon, is stated as the strongest rope by weight on the planet. The company besides us that using this exact rope, is using it as the re-entry parachute cord for the new *can't legally say the name of the biggest private space company in the world* rocket.

We had this one-of-a-kind size made specifically for rope dart. It is approximately 3/16th diameter, with a rectangular braid, and has a break strength of about 6400 pounds (tested on this spool). Add to the list of MIND BLOWING attributes is a temp resistance of ~1050F. Did we also mention it is super soft and feels incredible in your hand?

There are NO coatings or treatment on this rope (nothing wears off). That said you should keep this rope (and any synthetic rope) out of the sun as much as possible. Zylon also absorbs moisture easily, so try to keep it away from wet things and let it dry out after using it.

All this does come at a price, literally the price.

We recommend using splicing fids to connect this rope to your hardware rather than tying knots.

per ft x $3.50 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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