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  • Practice Rope Dart

  • Practice Rope Dart

These Rope Dart heads are made from brightly colored Play 90mm or 100mm Contact Spheres, and are attached via swivel to our Dragon Rope X. This makes a durable practice and performance dart that can withstand martial impact, execute tech moves with precision, and engage aptly as a dance partner.
The dart heads are made from Play contact spheres. There are no extra holes or cuts in the ball, making it extremely durable and able to withstand constant impact. The 90mm (3.55") option weighs 6.3oz, which is approximately the weight of our Large Monkey Fists (unfueled). The 100mm Heavy heads are a similar weight as our HUGE Monkey Fists.

The Rope Dart leash is made from Dragon Rope X, a 3/16" synthetic rope made from a slick and durable fiber used extensively by NASA. In addition to being extremely smooth, it is highly abrasion resistant, lasting over four times as long as our original Dragon Rope. It is attached to the head with a high strength ball bearing swivel, preventing the leash from twisting and opening opportunities for rolling groundwork.

  • 90mm, 95mm, or 100mm heads
  • No extra cuts or holes in the head
  • Smooth, abrasion-resistant Dragon Rope X leash
  • For practice and performance

This setup does not come with a Technora lead and can not be used for fire. For a fire leash with a practice head, go the the fire rope dart page and select a practice head.

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