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  • Dragon Rope

  • Dragon Rope

Dragon Rope is a premium rope dart leash material, known for its smooth feel and longevity. Gear crafted with Dragon Rope will not wear down to a rough texture like other materials, allowing it to be used much longer without sacrificing your hands.

It can withstand temperatures up to 300°F, which is less than the original Dragon Rope. For safety purposes, we recommend a minimum of 8" of separation between the head and this rope, which can be done through hardware such as twist link chain, or through our Technora Lead (available in our Rope Dart configuration options).

If you would like your rope cut to multiple specific lengths, please specify your desired lengths in the "Add Personalization Note" field. For example, if you would like two 10ft lengths, purchase a quantity of 20ft but indicate in the "Add Personalization Field" that you would like two 10ft lengths.

We recommend using splicing fids to connect this rope to your hardware rather than tying knots.

Ft x $1.50 =

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